WF Energy Controls is the market leader in a specialist range of control and measuring products for the electricity distribution companies and their customers.


WF Energy Controls provides high accuracy class current transformers used in all types of commercial, manufacturing and industrial metering installations throughout Australia. When choosing our CTs, you can be confident of meeting all your requirements in a contestable marketplace. Our range of electronic full current time switches are used wherever accuracy of switching is required. Ideal for off peak hotwater, underfloor heating and pool pump applications, they are designed to operate year after year after year......  Designed specifically for the Electrical Distribution Businesses, these MDIs are mounted on street distribution kiosk or pole transformers to measure current, and maximum current in the network. Scaled in either HV or LV currents, they are an integral part of many networks monitoring requirements.
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About WF Energy Controls

WF Energy Controls was founded in Sydney 1910 as Warburton Franki. In the Energy Management sector, WF Energy Controls, focuses on products that measure, monitor, control and connect. Our product range includes Current Transformers, Timers & Time Switches, MDIs & Meters and Cable Accessories.

WF Energy Controls has an enviable reputation as an industry leader in the manufacture of all types of Current Transformers, particularly metering types, used throughout Australia by the Electrical Distribution Businesses. We are uniquely placed within Australia with our NATA registered test laboratory, and as an approved verification authority of the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Quality, accuracy and verification ensures that our metering current transformers are approved for use in the Australian Energy Market (AEM). Electricity retailers can be confident that they are meeting the AEM Rules when they choose to install WF Energy Controls metering current transformers in the contestable marketplace.

Similarly our range of heavy-duty load control time switches, and our association with Theben timers provides solutions whenever energy management is required.

Our pole mounted and kiosk distribution transformer thermal maximum demand indicators are widely used by the Electrical Distribution Businesses to monitor electrical loads, providing valuable data on peak loads at the street level.

More recently WF Energy Controls has diversified with its range of cable accessories designed to bring quality products to the general electrical contracting and service marketplace, OEMs and swithboard builders. These connection and bundling products are offered direct to our customers to minimise their costs

Whether our products are manufactured here, or imported for distribution, WF Energy Controls operates a stringent quality system in conformance with its ISO AS/NZS 9001:2000 quality system accreditation

WF Energy Controls’ 99 years of service to Australian and International businesses and the extensive experience of our personnel provide us with an impressive track record to offer a range of specialist product solutions.